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A Short List Of Facts On Digital Photography

At one time digital cameras were expensive and made for professionals or people who could afford one. But now digital photography has been made accessible to non professionals and amateur photographers alike. Everyone can take wonderful pictures with a digital camera.

Canon, Nikon, and Sony are some of the big names in the digital photography arena. Cameras range anywhere from 3 mega pixels to 10 or 12. Megapixels are the tiny dots that make up an image. More mega pixels mean the image is more tightly packed. This is usually only important when blowing up images to large sizes.

Camera manuals give information on how to take shots, but don't really get into depth about how to shoot good photos. Most bookstores and ebook readers carry digital camera how to manuals. Whether you own a small and simple point and shoot, or a more sophisticated model, you can take great pictures digitally.

First read the manual that came with your camera to learn how to adjust the normal settings like white balance and focus. After you've learned how to do these things you can adjust your camera in all different situations and lighting settings.

A tripod is a good accessory to have for digital photography. Camera shake, the vibration that puts a camera out of focus, is drastically cut down so pictures come out sharper and in good focus. A tripod is good when photographing landscapes and in low light.

You can also change the image color within the camera in most digitals. You can shoot in black and white and sepia, and sometimes other colors as well. Experimenting with different colors and camera settings will help you become more creative in your shots.

At one time not everyone used a camera. Now, anyone from a cab driver to a garden cultivator has a digital camera. The good thing about digitals too, is they're so compact. You can take pictures anywhere and at anytime. They're easy to store in a purse or pocket, and are made sturdy enough to weather most situations.

One of the good things about digital cameras is there's no film to develop and you can review pictures right on the camera. This way you can delete any out of focus or underdeveloped pictures. Photographers can capture a variety of moments with digital cameras, whether it's a Rolling Stones concert or an NLP Singapore conference, or a trip to Florida, digital cameras capture it all.

Ebay Powerseller Secrets And Tips

Ebay Powerseller is a public recognized symbol. It shows the seller is trustworthy and experienced in selling on ebay. Most importantly, he is making a good living from eBay auction business.

I have compiled a list of ebay powerseller secrets so that you can learn from their experiences.

1. Offer easy payment options for buyers:

It is your responsibility to increase the ways of accepting payments online. It will drive up the sales if you offer more payment options.

2. Use Paypal as your first choice of payment:

Paypal is by far the most popular online payment service, especially on ebay. It offers security for both buyers and sellers to protect from online fraud. You should sign up for a free Paypal account now.

3. Use a dedicated email account for your online auction:

You will look more professional if you have an appropriate email account that deals with all your online orders and enquiries.

4. Always use signature in your email:

This is an effective branding strategy and it is a good opportunity to sell more items to your existing customers.

5. Compile a list of FAQ:

It saves you time without answering the same questions from buyers.

6. Conduct your market research according to the trends on eBay:

You need to constantly look out for the hottest items to sell on eBay. Check out eBay calendar for particular themes of the month. Pay special notice on what other people are selling.

7. Write decent ads:

Your ads need to look neat and simple. Don’t confuse your buyers. Be honest when you are describing your items. You will increase your chance of getting positive feedbacks in that way. In addition, check your spelling and grammars before you put up your ads.

8. Use automation:

If you have a seller pro subscription, you can automate a lot of things, such as emails, feedbacks, and newsletters. It saves you a great deal of time so you can concentrate on other things.

9. Clear policy on shipping and handling:

Be very clear on instructions after sales, such as shipping, handling, postage, etc. Your customers will appreciate that greatly. Also, it will be better if you can provide a tracking code for your customers to track the shipment. Don’t overcharge your shipping fees.

10. Use quality pictures:

You should use multiple pictures whenever possible. It is proven to increase your sales and attract more bids. Please take quality pictures with your digital camera in an appropriate background.

11. Relist your unsold items:

You should relist your unsold items since eBay don’t charge you again if the item is sold later. Don’t create a new listing for the same item.

12. Use different features of listing appropriately:

EBay offers different types of listing features, such as bold, highlight, border, feature plus, etc. They all have different price and some of them are not cheap. You should use them appropriately after weighing against the potential profits in the sale.

13. Never use reserve option:

So far I haven’t seen any successful auction using reserve option. No one wants to bid on items with reserved price. If you don’t want to lose your profits, simply raise your starting bid.

14. Use ten days auction and gallery option frequently:

These are two of mine most favorite options for listing. They are proven to work. Use them often.

There you have it.

Hope the above tips are helpful to you.

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Should the Batman suit be all black?

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I'm rather partial to this one (fan art)

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