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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I make a large gargoyle out of ceramic clay?

I would like to make a large gargoyle for my ceramics class, but I don't know how! I would like it to be a couple of feet tall.

Best Answer...


Most people working large have to learn to pace themselves - building the lower part hollow with appropriately thick walls (over 1/2" op to an inch) and then letting that firm up without drying out so it will support the addition of higher walls. I don't like the idea of a paper core - either too soft or hard to get out and doesn't let you work the walls uniformly. You will have to plan how you will finish so you can work the rounded over upper part - perhaps sculpt the head separately and after working the upper body through the neck opening, attach the head. Hollow work requires a vent hole some place - on bottom or open mouth.
Actual construction can be slab or coil or pinch pot or a combination of anything that works.
You might explore the Ceramic Arts website for their free sample videos that include working bigger.