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ethnic wood folk art plate from panama hand carved

ethnic wood folk art plate from panama hand carved painted

vintage art mola from panama

ethnic wood folk art plate from panama hand carved

ethnic wood folk art plate from panama hand carved painted

cartoon map san francisco cal panama pacific exposition 1912 reprint from 1968

van houtte garden flowers large print canna liliiflora from panama 1853

antique print la gasca depart from panama peru america 1706

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From Panama

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Ruben Blades - Vida

Panama Relocation Tour Announces 7-Day and 5-Day Tours Available for 2013.

Dallas, TX, January 20, 2013 --( The Panama Relocation
Tour is all set for 2013 as it announces the availability of both 7-day
and 5-day tour packages. While both of these tours are comprehensive on
their own, Jackie, the owner and manager of the tour, believes that
offering both packages will further answer the needs of people who are
considering Panama as a place for retirement. “Those who are
interested to join the tour now have an option on whether to avail the
longer 7-day trip or the original 5-day tour,” Jackie states.
“A majority of our tour participants in the past have extended
a day or two for more exploring which is why we created the 7-day
tour,” she further adds.

The Panama Relocation Tour is no ordinary Panama tour where
participants are simply taken from one
tourist attraction

 to another.
This one of a kind tour focuses on showing participants what living in
Panama is like and what migrating to this country entails. While popular
tourist destinations are included in the trip, participants will also
see key residential areas, hospitals, banks, drugstores, markets,
grocery stores and shopping centers. Jackie believes that showing the
tour group these key areas will really help them decide if Panama is
right for them.

Jackie encourages everyone to visit Panama and see why this country
is among the cheapest places to live and one of the best places for
retirement. The tour will be taken to Panama towns and cities where
thousands of American and European expats have already settled. The tour
includes a trip to the country's capital
Panama City
 city (1990 pop. 34,378), seat of Bay co., NW Fla., on St. Andrews Bay; inc. 1909. A Gulf Coast resort with amusement parks and excellent fishing, it is also a port of entry. The city's industries produce paper, clothing, and chemicals.
, the beach and
well-developed beach town of Coronado, the fishing village of Bocas del


, the cool and beautiful mountain highlands of Boquete and the
of David

 in the Bible, epithet of Bethlehem, the birthplace of David, and of Jerusalem, his capital.
. By visiting these areas, participants will be able to
determine which particular Panama town suits them the most.

What differentiates the 7-day tour from the 5-day package is the
inclusion of Bocas del Toro and Volcan. These two areas are
not covered
 Health care adjective Referring to a procedure, test or other health service to which a policy holder or insurance beneficiary is not entitled under the terms of the policy or payment system–eg, Medicare. Cf Covered.
 by the 5-day tour. Those who do not want to visit Bocas and Volcan can
therefore choose the 5-day package and pay only $1450 per person or
$2400 for a couple sharing a room. On the other hand, tourists who want
a more comprehensive view of Panama can get the 7-day tour for $1995 per
person or $3600 for two people staying in one room.

Jackie points out that the highlight of the Panama Relocation Tour
is the opportunity to meet and interact with the expats. Lunches and
dinners with the expats are all part of the 7-day and 5-day tours.
Participants will be taken to expat-owned businesses and favorite
hangouts where there will be plenty of time to ask questions and find
answers. Jackie feels that this rare opportunity to
v. so·cial·ized, so·cial·iz·ing, so·cial·iz·es
1. To place under government or group ownership or control.

2. To make fit for companionship with others; make sociable.
 with the
expats will make one's travel to Panama more complete.

“No one else is doing a tour like this in Panama. You
will be able to learn in 5 or 7 days if Panama is right for you and how
you can improve your lifestyle with less expense and less
stress,” Jackie enthuses. Jackie also adds that Panama is
among the cheapest places to live in the world. “Those who
join the tour will discover that dinner for two in Panama only costs $8
including drinks,” she offers. The 7-day and 5-day tours of
Jackie's Panama Relocation Tour is all about showing what real
living in Panama is like. This tour is new, unique, different and
definitely a nice addition to Panama's tourism industry.

About is a company owned and managed by
Jackie Lange, who has made the move to Panama in 2012. This company
offers the all inclusive Panama Relocation and Retirement Tour that
shows participants exactly what it is like to live in Panama. The tour
package includes lodging during official tour nights, all internal
ground transportation, meals as indicated in the itinerary and a local
 /flu·ent/ () flowing effortlessly; said of speech.
 in English and Spanish. This tour is the first and only
one of its kind package that really shows participants the kind of
lifestyle that awaits people who decide to move to Panama.

Contact Information:

Live for Less in Panama

Jackie Lange


Contact via Email

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