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Frequently Asked Questions...

What colors look best when splatter painting my room?

I want to splatter paint my room but i have no clue what colors would look the best together. I want it to look vibrant and energetic but i dont know what colors would show that the most. thanks!

Best Answer...


Here's what I recommend you do. Find a painting that has colors that you think are dynamic and go together in the a way that you find pleasing and then use those colors. It depends what your background color (color of your original walls) is, so be sure to realize that if you have a colored background it will affect the way the other colors look together.

You might want to look at some images of paintings by Jackson Pollock or Hermann Nitsch to see how color can be used, but you don't have to limit yourself to their colors. Any paintings can serve as a source of your color choices. You might also want to check out the Fauves like Matisse and de Vlaminck or look at Gauguin, or Van Gogh just to see how they use colors together. Paul Klee and Kandinsky also use interesting color combinations. Google Image search is your friend!

I think one of the things that makes some Pollock's so nice is the used of black grays white and a bright color like yellow. (You could choose any color to go with blacks and grays of course and get even more dramatic effects by choosing two complementary colors like orange and blue or yellow and purple along with the blacks whites and grays. I also think it would look better if you don't use too many different colors (although sometimes Polluck did!)

I hope you'll blog somewheer about what you end up doing and how you like the results.