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Frequently Asked Questions...

Numbering giclee prints?

Hi all, I want to make some giclee prints from my artworks but I need some info, I know that it should go the individual number of the print then the number of the edition but, if I decide to make just one print, one and only copy, of one artwork, how do I mark it?
Is it done by anyone at all?

Best Answer...


You could call it "myprint/justone"

You could call it "AP" (artists proof)

You could call it 1/10, just in case for some reason you want to make more in the future - they don't have to be made all at once you know.

Numbers are really only useful in real prints, lithos, block prints, stuff like that because the plate or block degrades with each printing. Print #1 is actually worth more than print #50. Giclee is just an inkjet, so numbers mean nothing quality wise, they are just there as a promise ("I'm only printing 50, honest"). So you could have no number if you want, who is going to care if you print one print, it has no value, it ain't like they can buy the second one.