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Frequently Asked Questions...

could a 9 year old boy be in Webelos?

I'm writing a short story about a 9 year old boy in scouts, but i"m not sure what the name for his age group would be. Is it Webelos?

Best Answer...


Scouting follows the following age guidelines:
First Grade - Tigers
Second Grade - Wolves
Third Grade - Bear
Fourth Grade - Webelos 1
Fifth Grade - Webelos 2

Mid way through fifth grade, usually in Feburary, they cub scouts move into Boy Scouts. Generally, they earn the Scout rank in the first few meetings, and ranks aren't age based anymore. As a troop guide, I've known boys who are on their second year and are already star. I've known Eagle Scouts who are 14 and who barely make it by the 18 year deadline.

The ranks are as follows:
Second Class
First Class
Eagle + Bronze Palm
Eagle + Gold Palm
Eagle + silver Palm

This may be more info than desired, but it provides more insight to the structure.