Frog Sold

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What animals eat goldfish?

I have a science animal report. One of the things my science teacher is asking for is: What does it eat? What eats it? I already answered "What does it eat?", but I haven't answered "What eats it?". What animal/s eat goldfish?
What animals eat goldfish?

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Common goldfish are often used as live prey for predatory fishes such as oscars and piranhas. They are also fed to larger crayfish, turtles, and frogs. Sold at only about one inch long, they can be easily consumed by other animals. Relatively inexpensive, they are often bought in large numbers for this purpose. However, some animal sympathizers find it unacceptable to feed live goldfish to other predatory fish or animals and it may be possible to spread any disease the feeder fish may have to the consuming animal.