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How to deal with kids that just lost a family member and hurts themself?

He cuts himself

Best Answer...


Well I'm in the same boat. I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for depression and self harm and tragically the day after admission my mum died suddenly from heart failure due to anorexia. I was devestated and became worse than I already was. But time is a great healer. I didnt believe people when they first told me but it's so true. Just reassure him that everything will get better even though it doesn't seem like it will right now. Find out about grief counselling I'm sure it will benefit him. Offer alternatives to cutting such as punching a pillow or mattress, squeezing Ice cubes and writing down how he feels. It's just over a year since I lost my mum and although it still hurts and I have bad days I'm finally begining to heal. I haven't self harmed in months I now try to express my pain through writing and art x