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I have an original signed oil painting by I think Giovanni Guidotti. Can anyone give me info?

It is signed Guidotti and I found a similar one on Ebay by artist with the first name Giovanni.It it a street market with narrow street, building and shoppers. I would like to know something about this painter and if his paintings are of value.

Best Answer...


Hi Roxie!
Without an image it would be difficult
to guess. Here are some names for
you to look into. Your best route would
be a fine arts appraiser or good auction
Alberto Guidotti
Antonio Guidotti (1881 - 1958)
Ferruccio Guidotti (1900 - )
Guidotti ( - )
Paolo Guidotti (1938 - ) Italy
Paolo Guidotti (attributed To) (1560 - 1629)
Salvatore Guidotti (1836 - )
Vincenzo Guidotti (1913 - )
G. Guidotti
G. Guidotti (Guido Razzi)
Guendalina Guidotti
Giovanni Guidotti
Giuseppe Guidotti (1929)
Vittorio Guidotti
And.. it may be someone completely unknown.

Look at this piece:
Guidotti, (Italian, 20th Century) Marketplace Scene