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Frequently Asked Questions...

What color ACCENTS/CURTAINS do you suggest for our living room? (pic included)?

Note: Big TV wall unit + Coffee Tables are Lacquered White Wood.
Pic: http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee24/dewyn/room.jpg
I know our choices were not perfect but there weren't many options in the market :(
Please give me suggestions that will give the room some "oomph" and make it look interesting and modern, whether it be the color of cushions for the couch or color of the curtains fabrics or anything else you might think of..

Thank you!!
I as well thought the rug made the room look off. I'm returning it.
However, I dunno why you say Teal, since the walls are blue :S

Best Answer...


I stared at this image a long time. I see why your stuck. There is an argument of color going on there already. The rug is great but fights with the sofa and the walls ...The wall is great but fights with the sofa and rug. You have 9 colors going on in a small space. The easiest thing to alter here would be the rug. Let's see ---

Go with a solid teal, grey or orange area rug. The grey should match the couch the teal can be lighter the orange should be light but not pale. For instance


This will bring you back to 4 colors not counting the black in the speakers. Get pillow covers for some of the couch pillows in the orange and teal and cream.

A few orange accents in the room Salt lamps make excellant additions http://www.thesaltoftheearth.com/product/Natural-Himalayan-Salt-Lamp-30.html

A Teal vase with orange and and white flowers. (check the thrift shops)

For the window....considering the AC in most of the country is used 3 months out of the year I would do a full wall of double curtian Use orange panels on the wall portion and white romans over the window or white sheers.

Over the couch...Get a large canvas or 2 mid sized and create an abstract using your 4 main colors.
Abstracts are easy to do and youcan have a blast creating it. http://cgi.ebay.com/Art-handicraft-oil-painting-Husband-and-wife_W0QQitemZ170435386320QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Paintings?hash=item27aebd9bd0

But as you see it all works if you alter the rug...There really isnt another option other then recovering the couch. If you paint the walls orange to match the rug you have the sofa will still look off.