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I need suggestions for high quality acrylic paint and high quality canvas'?

Hi I am looking for some really nice, high quality acrylic paints (individual or sets) and high quality canvas'. My husband wants this for Christmas and I have no idea where to start! Can you please help me with a few options? Thanks!

Best Answer...


I think the vast majority of artists that use acrylics will attest to the fact that Golden is pretty much the best acrylic paint on the market. Does your husband already paint? I would assume so, or you wouldn't be asking about the high dollar stuff. Golden comes in sets if you are interested in buying a set. In general, what you should be looking for is a set of "heavy body" as these are the standard types of acrylic paint.

As far as canvas is concerned, linen is considered a nicer painting sustrate than cotton canvas. It is smoother. What seems to be the biggest trend in canvas is what they call a "gallery wrap" canvas. These are the ones that don't have staples on the sides. This way, the painting can be hung without a frame if desired. Lots of artists continue the paintings onto the sides. With these, the thicker the canvas, the more expensive it is--the really nice ones are about 2.5 to 3 inches thick.

All the big art supply internet sites, such as Jerry's Artarama, Cheap Joe's and Dick Blick all have an extensive canvas selection and extensive descriptions, and you will probably pay much less to mail order these supplies versus going to a craft store or art supply store. They also all carry the Golden paints as well.